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Obama's Budget for 2016 vs Republican Politicians Budget for 2016:

American Asset Data Two Different Views:  $301,000 (avg) OR $44,000 (Median) and an enlightening article on Why these two images are really so far apart.

Chinese Academics nail it:

This is a Reddit Post titled "What are the criticisms made by the Chinese government against democracy and to what extent are they correct?"  The commenters discussion goes on about the Chinese government completely missing the point but the academics as quoted by the author seem to have a succinct and candid view of American Democracy in the 2000s.


George Carlin: on the American Dream (YouTube)

George calls out the "Owners" of America, points out why we are being dumbed down in America.  George Carlin cutting through the layers of deception and revisionist history of the American government to concisely explain the real objectives of ...


Barbara Boxer tells it like it is about the Republican Politicians agenda and about Republican Politicians.

From the Daily Kos: "

Barbara Boxer Knocks It Out Of The F*cking Park With GOP Hypocrisy, Irresponsibility & Obama Hatred



According to an article in The Guardian a recent Oxfam report points out that next year (2016) 1% of the wealthiest people in the world will have more wealth than the other 99% combined.  Guess who the Republican Politicians are trying to reduce taxes for and reduce benefits for?  They say and they act to reduce taxes on the rich, people and corporations, lying that such wealth concentration actions will produce more and better jobs - the last 40 years of "Trickle Down Economics" has resulted in the 1% about to own 50% of the wealth - and the job situation around the world being a disaster.  Putting more money into the hands of the rich doesn't improve the income or wealth of the other 99% of the population and believing that lie is foolhardy. 

In a followup article the Guardian notes "

As inequality soars, the nervous super rich are already planning their escapes ".

The article goes on to say that Hedge fund managers are purchasing airstrips and remote farms as getaways in places like New Zealand in preparation for the ever increasing probability of a popular backlash to the wealth siphoning of the already gluttonously rich.

Income Gap:

The Guardian again exposes the hypocrisy in the Board of Directors and Shareholders meetings when it comes to sharing the wealth garnered by American companies and Rich People.  Check this out.

Most of the voters in the US who vote for Republican politicians must believe the lies those Republican politicians spout about supporting Americans.  Probably thanks to our lack of adequate education.  For a democracy to work the voters must receive a basic education that will teach them to discern lies when they are obvious - obviously a substantial population of the US (those that vote for Republican politicians) weren't taught such discernment.


[I heard on the radio (Jan 30th, 2015)  that the Koch brothers' new super PAC, the Freedom Partners Action Fund - is going to spend upwards of $900,000,000 on the 2016 elections - Thanks Supreme Court for allowing Rich people and Global Corporations to purchase United States Politicians]

Almost 50,000 people have donated almost $5,000,000 since May of 20014 (its July of 2014 right now) with the proviso that the money will be spent supporting politicians that will vote for campaign reform removing the influence of money on our government.  A quote from a Time article about the PAC and why it was started:  "As he [Academic and activist Lawrence Lessig ] argued in a widely-shared TED Talk, much of the money spent on our elections comes from a minuscule slice of wealthy Americans. Just 196 people (thatís 0.000063 percent of the country) donated 80 percent of the total Super PAC money raised in 2012, according to Lessig".   196 people pay for the campaigns of our representatives and senators and outvote the rest of us - no wonder we can't get people interested in voting at the polls - it doesn't make a difference.   Let's take back our government - smart use of this money can take away PACs or make them transparent at the least - Why do the company citizens or our country get to buy our politicians to the tune of millions of dollars whereas the Real People Citizens are limited to $2500 - Thank you Supreme Court and Republican Politicians. 

I donated, and indicated my donation go to Republican Politicians only because I believe they are bought and paid for by those 196 people/companies and need the most persuading (and support to become politicians that will represent their Voting Constituents). 

Please donate to this PAC and let's get Money out of Politics.


"...fundamentally, your government does not trust you. Why therefore should you trust it?"  click here.

Click on this Wired Article:

Q&A: Parasites, Modern Life and Immune Systems Gone Haywire

Fact Checkers - use these to check the facts behind the news bites and emails that we are being bombarded with daily.